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Nutrition is a vital element of health but we focus on all the fundamental aspects of health including digestion, hormone balance, sleep, stress, and movement, allowing you to achieve optimal function in all areas.

Inability to lose weight or gain weight, hormone imbalances, infertility, fatigue, poor sleep, heartburn, constipation, bacterial overgrowths, it’s all connected. 

Opt-in to functional lab testing for the most efficient and effective protocols for reaching your goals.

With a Custom Plan that is Targeted, Holistic, & Functional, you can’t fail.  

I look forward to connecting with you -Kayla

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Hi, I’m Kayla!

I know what you are going through. I have been through the bloating, weight gain, inability to put on muscle, stomach pains, irregular and painful periods, crazy PMS mood swings, night sweats, brain fog, burnout, and fatigue. I stopped enjoying things I used to love, I didn’t want to go out as often, my performance at work started to slip, and my relationships suffered. I even found myself in the ER one day during an especially bad day. 

Through working with a holistic & functional coach, finding the Nutritional Therapy Association & Restorative Wellness Solutions, I was able to start feeling better. By using functional tests to get a clear picture of what was happening in my body, I was able to create a data-driven and target plan to feel better. After doing the work for several months, I came through the other side happier & healthier. Most importantly, I’m in control of my weight, digestion, hormones, and fertility, and I know I always will be because I have the tools to make it last. 

Now,  I’m a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Fitness Coach, and certified RWS Level 2 Practitioner (Gastrointestinal Healing & Hormone Optimization). I help clients of all ages take control of their health, digestion, & hormones so they can feel their best and crush their goals. Let me help you find your lasting solution.

Refresh Digestion

Release Waste & Repair Absorption

The first phase of our plans will ensure your digestion and elimination is running smoothly.


Your body is a product of what you are able to digest and absorb. Every cell and process relies on nutrients from your diet which have to be properly digested in order to be absorbed.


We use a combination of nutritional assessments, exclusive lab testing, and proven, data-driven protocols to find out exactly what your body needs to Refresh your Digestion.


Some common things we see and are able to improve include: bloating, SIBO, Candida, food sensitivities, constipation, diarrhea, heart burn and more. 

I Can’t Wait to show you how functional testing and bio-individual plans are the answers you have been looking for.


Recharge your Metabolism

Let go of the things holding you back – fatigue, migraines, weight gain, menstrual concerns, acne, hormone imbalance, painful periods, infertility or all of the above. It’s all connected.


The second phase of our plans focuses on restoring balance to your hormones. Because hormones, like other substances in the body, rely on nutrients and an ability to properly eliminate from the body, we must first improve digestion to pave the way for hormones to thrive.



Restoring balance to your hormones will often improve your metabolism, stress, sleep, & energy and help you to ditch menstrual concerns, build muscle, and release stubborn areas of fat.

I’m So Excited to meet you and show you the way.

Realign Your Lifestyle

Rebalance Sleep, Stress, & Movement

In the next phase, we will work together to make sure you have the right balance of sleep and movement and the most effective ways to manage your stress. 


Your emotions, how you move your body, and the amount of rest you get can make or break your results. Stress breaks down the body and sleep helps restore it. When both of these are not aligned with your body’s needs, you will be surviving not thriving. 


The right balance is all about your goals and your routine, spending hours in a gym is not necessary to feel and look your best and may actually destroy your progress. 


Learn how to optimize your body and results.


For Life

The next phase of our plans focuses on the goals you want to achieve, designing the protocol to get you there, and giving your the resources to maintain those results for life.


With improved digestion, hormones, & metabolism, you and your body will be ready to work more efficiently and effectively at everything, allowing you to achieve faster and better results. 


Whether it’s weight loss, muscle building or toning, preparing your body for baby, preparing for an event, or just learning how to keep your body feeling its best, functional nutrition and testing can help you find the right path.  


Maintaining the results you achieve is about finding the right strategies for your routine, personality, and lifestyle and understanding when to employ these strategies during each of the seasons of your life.


In the final phase, we will connect to the things that bring you joy and peace and help you change behaviors that are no longer serving you. You will finish having learned the processes to get the results you want and you will have the tools that will help you keep those results.

Yes, you can not only achieve your goals but you can sustain your success for life.

Client Love

Our Philosophy

Why choose Root & Soul Nutrition?

I empower my clients, giving them the tools to create sustainable change in their health on their own.

I am functional, holistic, natural, & root-cause oriented.

I recognize my clients are the experts of their own life and body and it is up to them to succeed.

I create bio-individual plans for your unique needs and challenges, no one-size-fits-all program here.

We're in this together until you are ready to go it alone and it is my goal to get you to that point -Kayla

How I Can Help you

Sustainable Solutions

You are out there crushing it & often have little time for yourself, so let us show you how to get results & keep them.

Balance hormones

Solutions to balance your hormones, control your moods, manage acne, & improve your energy.

Improve Fertility

Take control of your menstrual cycle and family planning; improve your chances of having children when it makes sense for your family.

Lose Weight

Without restrictive diets & harsh workout plans, find transformation that lasts.

Get Functional Testing

Don't guess, Test! Hormone, Microbiome, Food Sensitivity, Nutritional Testing & more. Real data leads to better fitting plans & better results.

Ditch problem periods

Your period is a signal of your overall health, work with us to get to the root cause.

Increase Energy & Motivation

Have the energy to do it all and tap into your motivation every day.

Escape From Burnout

Say goodbye to fatigue & brain fog and get your motivation, energy, & clarity back.

CRUSH Your goals

We know you have BIG Dreams & Plans for getting there, let us help you have the health & energy to get there quicker and enjoy it when you succeed.