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A Functional approach to Health & Fitness For Lasting Results

Focusing on the Root-Cause leads to a lasting TRANSFORMATION so you can get on with your life and Reach your GOALS. Supporting the principles of wellness with a holistic and bio-individual approach allows the body’s natural processes to restore BALANCE and HEALTH without needing to overhaul your whole life & routine. We will create a plan that is PERFECT for YOU. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

How We can help You

Solutions for Busy Women

You are out there crushing it & often have little time for yourself, so let us show you how to do it all while looking & feeling your best too.

CRUSH Your goals

We know you have BIG Dreams & Plans for getting there, let us help you have the health & energy to get there quicker and enjoy it when you succeed.

Increase Confidence

Nothing like control of your moods and improved focus, energy, fitness, & motivation to make you feel invincible.

Lose Weight

Without restrictive diets & harsh workout plans, find transformation that lasts.

Get Functional Testing

Don't guess, Test! Hormone, Microbiome, Food Sensitivity, Nutritional Testing & more. Real data leads to better fitting plans & better results.

Improve Motivation

Find out what really helps keep your motivation up every day.

Increase Energy

Have the energy to do it all again even after the long day at work.

Escape From Burnout

Say goodbye to fatigue & brain fog and get your motivation, energy, & clarity back.

Balance hormones

Solutions to balance your hormones, control your moods, & improve your fertility.

Creator of Root & Soul Nutrition

Hi! I’m a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Fitness Coach (2017) and soon to be a NCI Hormone Specialist Level 1 and RWS Level 1 Gastrointestinal Healing certified practitioner. 

I help busy, career-focused women through digestive, weight, & hormonal concerns so they have the energy, motivation, and confidence to crush all of their life’s goals. 

I have been through it all and after years of exploring the avenues to better health, I found Nutritional Therapy to have the answers I was sure existed but had failed to find in conventional approaches to health. 

Nutritional Therapy is functional and holistic. We look at your whole life, not just what you are eating, the root-causes of your concerns and build a plan that is unique to you & your needs and fits into your busy schedule. What ever it is that’s holding you back, let me help you find the way out and back to the top of your game.

Supplements & More

In Our Wellevate Dispensary you can find supplements, skin care, household items, essential oils, protein and more. We support the body with whole foods first, but sometimes therapeutic nutrients can assist in balancing the body more effectively. Create your FREE account today and get access to discounts on the products you know and love.

With this guide! Worksheets to help you get clear on your Goals, Trackers to track your Progress, & a 21-day Fitness Plan!

Nurture your Mind, Body, & Soul

Women's Wellness Community

TOGETHER we reach Success in our Health Journeys with Motivation, Tips, Education, & Support.
Find Nourishment for the Mind, Body, & Soul. Women lifting one another up, Sharing their Journeys, finding Sustainable Health Transformations, sharing their Tips & Tricks.
PLUS Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Q&As, Education, Tips, & Tools from a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Wellness Coach.
We cannot wait to meet you, come join us and tell us how we can support you.

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