Root & Soul Women's Nutritional Therapy Program

Whether you want help with ongoing challenges or you want to rock your next workout, work presentation, or field day with your kids, work with a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner to develop a bio-individual plan that supports your unique needs and lifestyle.

What to Expect from Our Signature Nutritional Therapy Program for Women


More energy, more time, more balance, more support, more drive, more focus, more happiness.


Less fatigue, less HIIT, less dieting, less stress, less burn out, less confusion, less restrictions, less weight issues.


Better results, better care, better nutrition, better health, better fitness, better fit for your life.


What Are Others Saying?

Don't Guess, TEST!

Functional Testing

Testing for microbiome, hormone, nutritional, and other imbalances gives you a clear picture of what is really going on in your body. If you’ve suffered from symptoms your providers have not been able to resolve for you, functional testing may be the key to feeling better. And even if you don’t have obvious symptoms, underlying conditions that can be seen through functional testing may finally give you the edge you need to reach optimal health.

Functional Testing Provides Better Results

Better data leads to Better Care, Better Nutrition Recommendations, Better & Faster RESULTS, Better Health, Better Fitness, & a Better Fit for your Wallet & your Life.

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