Busy Boss Fitness Plan

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Busy Boss Fitness Plan


We’ve been conditioned to believe that MORE is MORE. But when you’re busy crushing your career goals MORE working out and harder workouts aren’t always the key to MORE results.

Believe me, I’ve been there. What if I told you that you could work out just 3 days a week and see results? Well, I’m telling you now. It’s true. Just three well-designed and well-executed workouts per week can help you tone up or lose weight depending on your goal.

You can commit to 30 minutes 3 days a week, right? That’s just 1.5 hours a week! And for this price? It’s definitely worth a shot.

Stop doing endless workouts that just aren’t optimized for the results you want!

This workout targets the right areas and gets you toned where you want it. No more wasted time.

The program is designed to be done with weights but can be modified for using only your body weight. It can also be done at home or at the gym.